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Scania R 143 hl6x4, 1995
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Volvo FH12 6x2, 2001
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  Welcome to Axelssons Consult in Sweden
We buy, sell, import and export pre-owned trucks. We have more than 30 years experience in repairing and rebuilding trucks.

Why Axelssons Consult
When buying a truck from us, you always get a truck that has been carefully examined by our skilled mechanics. This guarantees you as a customer a great deal of safety, as well as it means satisfied customers to us. This is also one of many explanations to our longterm-relationships with our customers. It is a reason why our customers keeps growing, and keeps coming back to us. Maybe you are one of all those, who have heard of us, by some of our satisfied customers?

Axelssons Consult also has a great experience of repairing and rebuilding trucks. We can meet most of your desires for special adjustments.

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